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Shipping Containers
Sales, sourcing, training, consulting

Nearshoring and Reshoring
Sourcing from Mexico

Problems with long, unreliable supply chains?  Consider the advantages of bringing them closer to home.  We can help.

Expanding Your Sales
Selling into Mexico

Looking to expand your market?  Mexico may be your sensible

next step, for 130 million reasons.


On your team when you need us ... off your payroll when you don't.

White Crosses


Our core business is bridging the gap between Canadian and Mexican companies.  Our professional, fractional team acts as yours, giving you offices and staff in both countries whenever you need us.

Our principal Dave Archer, also known as The Export Coach, is 100% focused on doing everything possible to help Canadian companies generate more export sales.  A three-time Export Award winner and Lead Facilitator for the Toronto World Trade Centre’s award-winning Trade Accelerator Program (TAP), he has done business in over 40 countries during his 25+ year career – and his experience and insights are now available to all Canadian companies that are serious about growing globally.




We believe more Canadian companies would do business in Mexico if

they had the right tools, knowledge, and partner to do so.

Our sole purpose is to help Canadian companies do business successfully in the Mexican market. The

most rewarding outcome we can possibly achieve is “handing over the keys” to our partners

after we have launched them in Mexico. We really do care about the companies we partner

with, and use our extensive experience and on-the-ground presence, resources

and network to help ensure that all of them succeed.

Many of our activities and services QUALIFY for government funding –

the CanExport grant, for example.  Ask us about it!



Sometimes your international business needs or objectives do not fall into any of the above buckets.

If that’s the case, just give us a call or shoot us an email, and let’s spend a few minutes discussing what you want to achieve. If we can help, we’ll tell you how.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too!  Either way, it’s free to find out for sure.


Thinking about it,  but not ready to take action yet? Don't hesitate to shoot us an email, or just give us a call. We'll share our thoughts with you for FREE!

Flying Plane


A fast, inexpensive, low risk way to discover if the Mexican market is right for you.

For companies who want to know if/how you can compete before making a larger commitment to a more extensive sales initiative.  We follow a 6-step process in gathering the most accurate information to help you make this important decision.

Visit you personally (or via Zoom call if appropriate) to discuss your specific objectives, target customer / supplier profile, value proposition, and competitive edge

Analyze your market, competitors, and trends in your unique market segment




Utilize our databases and extensive network to identify the right target customers/distributors (or suppliers in a sourcing situation) for you in Mexico

Nearshoring, reshoring, find a distributor in Mexico, import/export partner in Mexico, sourcing from Mexico

Contact them directly to qualify and evaluate them, then visit them personally or virtually to obtain candid and direct feedback – and often initial quote opportunities

Generate a customized report for you containing all the information we gathered, plus a SWOT analysis, a set of alternatives and recommendations for next steps

Present the report personally to you and your management team in an interactive meeting so you can dig deeper and ask questions, and to help you make an informed decision for next steps

Time Frame:   4-6 weeks

Commitment: None.  This is a focused project, after which you decide if / how to continue.





Some case studies of our work are below.  We have not included company names to respect their online privacy; references are available upon request.

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Project Type: Sales In Mexico


Export sales consultation
CANMEX Trade, Canada/Mexico Trading Consultant/Professional

Stamping die manufacturer in Kitchener, Ontario

Client needed more sales when things were slow in Canada.  Their Sales Manager knew Dave and asked if Mexico could be an option.  Travelled there together and discovered that there was indeed a huge opportunity.  Initial sale, which took a year to secure, was US$ 600,000.  More sales followed, and customers suggested a local presence would help them buy more.  Client decided to open a plant, hired their own staff, and that plant now accounts for 40% of its total sales.

$36,000 Invested

$10,000,000+ Sales Growth

Duration - 2 Years

Sell into Mexico, sourcing from Mexico

Investment of $4,500

Immediate Sales Rebounded 100%

Duration 3 Days

Project Type: Distributor Development


Grain supplier in Winnipeg, Manitoba​

Client already had three distributors in Mexico, but sales were declining due to competition from ex-employee.  Escorted their Sales Manager on 3-day trip to Mexico to introduce them personally and develop important personal relationships.  Sales rebounded immediately and quickly surpassed previous levels.  Client continued successfully on their own.

CANMEX Trade, Canada/Mexico Trade Consultant

I was a little afraid to go to Mexico quite frankly.  But after spending three days with Dave travelling to meet our distributors there, I am now confident that I can go there on my own to continue building the relationships I established.

We were not convinced that Mexico was for us, but Dave got us started and opened the door for us.  Now we are so busy there that we’ve opened a manufacturing plant in Querétaro.

Dave knows what he’s doing in Mexico, is committed and easy to work with, and truly cares about us and our success.  We could not have done this without him.

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We speak both  English and Spanish.

Dave Archer,

Toronto, Canada


Nearshoring, reshoring, find a distributor in Mexico, import/export partner in Mexico, sourcing from Mexico, export sales, fractional exporting/sourcing

Marcela Hernández,

National Manager

Nearshoring, reshoring, find a distributor in Mexico, import/export partner in Mexico, sourcing from Mexico, export sales, fractional exporting/sourcing

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Canada (Toronto): +1.705.717.8895

Mexico (Gauanajuato): +52(1).462.124.0099

Canadian Office

5-190 Minet's Point Road, Suite 377

Barrie (Toronto), Ontario

Canada  L4N 8J8



Mexican Office

Blvd. Díaz Ordaz 1850,

Col. Sta. Julia, Irapuato, Guanajuato

Mexico  CP 36667 

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